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Weather.  It was hot at the end of May.  In southern Europe, even 45 degrees is hotter than in Poland

Weather. It was hot at the end of May. In southern Europe, even 45 degrees is hotter than in Poland

First Heat Behind us in Poland – on Tuesday, May 11, in Krakow, the thermometers recorded 30.1 degrees. The next few days were marked as high Temperature. Anyway, starting Thursday, May 13th, we will be a little cooler Storms Combined with gases of rain, hail and wind. According to’s predictions, the heat will soon return to Poland – which will be deadly.

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Weather. The heat will hit Europe at the end of May

As pointed out by the portal, The weather is expected to bring a strong warming by the end of May. “In many parts of Europe the heat will become deadly, and Temperature They can even reach 45 degrees in the shade “- we read on the website.

In their forecasts for the end of the month, weather forecasters refer to number weather models. The only GFS model that can calculate such distance values. The animation of posted on YouTube clearly shows, among other things.In. Cooling inside Europe Federal forecast for next weekend.

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“From about 15-20 seconds of animation you can see the most interesting things. Then you can see the breaking of the hottest part of the southeast of Europe” – refers to the portal. In the 28th second of the animation, almost all of Poland is marked in red. This means that the temperature will definitely exceed 30 degrees Celsius Heat Starts to bother us. But keep in mind that it is Forecast Long-term and it will change.

Weather for the next few days

Cooling is predicted in Poland from Thursday. There will be plenty of rain in the southern part of the country Rain, Local hail and wind up to 70 Kilometers For an hour, he warned Meteorological and Water Management Institute After the alerts are issued Weather The first degree is on May 13th.

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Friday Cloudy It will continue from the previous day and it will rain in the regions Gdañska, Phytosage, Wroclaw Whether Rzeszow. There may be some rain in the rest of Poland. Weekend without heat, but with rain and cloudy. Views The sun Only those living in the northern and southern parts of Poland will see it.