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Wirtualna Polska – everything matters

Next steps for easing regulations will come soon – says Minister of Health Adam Niedzelski in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. details? In early May and June, because most of the activity will be restored during the holidays. This is a hotel for all and complete services to make your vacation return to normal. The masks will remain with us. The minister also explains why health insurance is necessary and declares that he is willing to pay it himself.

Matthews Ratajczak, Wirtualna Polska: Are You Really Calculating Revenue From Variable Health Insurance Premiums? Are you actually spending money in your head? Gives here, takes there, translates here?

Adam Nideszelski, Minister of Health: It will surprise you. For me, reforming the health insurance premium collection system is a minor, or even tertiary, issue in this puzzle. The “Polish deal” on health is certainly a bigger show and a bigger challenge.

For the many Poles who lose in this change, that is the first topic. There is nothing else, because their wallets are shrinking. What, then, is the first topic of the minister.

Announcement that the equivalent of 7% will go to the health service in the next few years. gross domestic product. It is over 200 billion Polish zlotys. This is a guarantee to me that we will be spending more and more on health from year to year.

Whether this money will come as a result of a change in the method of contributions, whether it is additional support, or any other source of funding, is in fact a secondary thing. Important clear announcement – there will be more money for health. And the system needs to be prepared for that.

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