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Would a vegetarian hot dog from Orlen Zandberg benefit?  We consulted this with a dietitian

Would a vegetarian hot dog from Orlen Zandberg benefit? We consulted this with a dietitian

Most recently, Adrian Zandberg has eaten a vegan hot dog in Orlen, which he praised on social media. And there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, were it not for the fact that there was a vote last week to ratify the European Union Reconstruction Fund, where the left (with the exception of MP Andre Rozenk) along with the Law and Justice Club voted to accept it. box. Orlen, on the other hand, is the champion of the Treasury, led by Pcim Mayor Midas, Daniel OpagtecThe last favorite of President Yaroslav Kaczynski.

Sausage scandal

In Polish politics, the Zandberg snack can only mean one thing – the left forms a coalition with the Law and Justice Party. Such a message was hastened by the deputies of the civilian coalition led by its leader, Boris Budka. “I suggest following the hit. After a snack at Obajtek, dinner at Przyłębska” – PO chief wrote on Twitter.

“There is no better evidence that the alliance is, after all, the so-called hot dog is crucial,” – commented Agata Szczęśniak from the portal. “Sausage will never replace the brain. We have known this since the Smolensk Committee ‘experiments’ by Macierewicz – Zandberg Fellow in Alliance Andre Rosinke of SLD wrote.” Seriously ??? To brag about photos on Orlen today? After all, they’re going from a fuel producer to a political fuel producer for the Law and Justice Party … after all, Orlen is pushing to take over the local press! Do you feel sorry for freelance journalists? – Camila Gaziuk-Behoviش referred to his boss, Razim.

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Ombudsman on the seizure of Polska Press: The court’s decision must be taken into account and the situation must be “frozen”

For others, like Radosław Fogiel of Law and Justice, Zandberg’s entry was simply a nuisance for representatives of other opposition parliamentary clubs. Gentle provocation. He joked to push the left into one bag with the Law and Justice Party. “Trolling is an art” – the deputy official of the Law and Justice Party commented on the photo with a hot dog.

After the many accusations from opposition circles, the extremely dark nature of the sausage scandal came to light. “It’s dangerous now: the stories about the so-called“ Alliance with the Law and Justice Party ”are absurd that merits ridicule. Jumping into the media is dangerous to freedom of expression. Mr. Obagtek will leave Orleans a moment after we come to power. Apparently Adrian Zandberg said: In the future I must clearly take care of the message. “

Adrian Zandberg and members of the Left with Sausage in OrlenAdrian Zandberg in Orlen. Within reach of a “decisive hot dog”

Will vegan hot dogs benefit Zandberg?

The political deliberation about vegetable sausage isn’t as important to us as the potential negative side effects of having an Orlen snack. Katarzina Busaka, a journalist who deals with nutrition issues, and the wife of Civic Coalition Senator Marcin Bosaki, warns in her post.

“Is a vegan hot dog from Orlen, which Adrian Zandberg bragged about today (Friday, May 7 – Editor), going to help?” Busacca asks. “I doubt it, because the formation of the sausage itself is a play,” – she answered herself. Then the journalist lists the downsides of the snack. “Water comes first in place of nutritious vegetable protein. Then comes rapeseed oil – oh, it’s greasy. A turbo-thickeners blend – carrageenan, starch, wheat fiber, modified starch, xanthan gum, konjac gum … and only the inner gum is missing.” – Busaka jokes.

“In general, the composition can be shortened well: water, oil, E407a, E415, E425, potato, peas, salt, E1422, E331, E330, E461, artificial flavor. Thank you, I don’t buy!” – “Ikobusaka” leader concludes.

After Busaca was published, Dr. Robert Malak, a biologist at the University of Wroclaw, cut out the blackboard. “Katarzina Busacca scares us with the E symbol associated with“ chemistry ”in the food. It is good that she did not mention E948, because it only escaped from Orlen (this oxygen). Meanwhile, the composition of this sausage, despite its length, is not the worst, for Fast food “- slammed the entry of the journalist.

“I don’t know what is wrong with water, it is used to dissolve vegetable proteins (it is found naturally in meat). Rapeseed oil is better than animal fats or palm oil for example. Unlike the saturated fatty acids found in meat. Saturated carrageenan is made from the algae of rhodophysia, which was suspected for its carcinogenic properties, and which is still present in various sources resembling finches, although scientific publications are unambiguous – it is safe.Konjac – from Amorphophallus konjac root flour, which is manufactured, Among other things, healthy low-calorie noodles, which are also sought after in our country. For hundreds of years, it has been eaten in large quantities by the Japanese, the nation with one of the highest life expectancies. Of fats, sugars and absorbs water. Konjac is full of minerals, They contain iron, phosphorous, copper, zinc, and vitamins: A, E, D, B1, B6, B12, C, folic acid, what is the problem of xanthon gum, sugars, PR abstaining from bacterial fermentation? In starch and wheat fibers? Horrible – let’s take bread out of the stores! And just like bread, there are also potatoes, because Posaka is afraid of a small amount of potato protein. Thank you, I buy it as soon as I’m on the road! Writes Dr. Robert Malak.

So how is it the case with those vegan hot dogs?

One rabbi will say yes and the other rabbi will say no. So, to resolve the dispute, we contacted Dr. Hanna Stolinska, Clinical Dietitian. – With both hands, I sign Dr. Angel. I think for products like gas station sausages, Orlen’s vegan sausages don’t have any terrible ingredients. In fact, it could use more protein, as proportional to sausage. However, if it is a plant substitute and actually contains water, rapeseed oil and pea protein as well as food additives that have no proven negative effect on the body, then if we want to save our planet and sometimes eat such a vegetable sausage, this is the most that I am – our conversation admits. .

“Personally, I don’t like these vegan and processed things. Because we should instead rely on unprocessed food. However, if we’re on the road, we don’t have the time and just want to snack, then a vegan sausage from Orlin is not a bad choice” – she concludes. Dr. Hanna Stolinska.