10 minutes of Real Madrid shot! Zidane and the company are already at the top of Pika Nona La Liga

Real Madrid Join this match, you can say “as usual” is very weak. Before meeting Cadiz, two of Real Madrid’s pillars fell from Zinedine Zidane’s squad – Luka Modric and Toni Kroos. Additionally, Eden Hazard, Sergio Ramos, Verland Mendy, Fidy Valverde and Lucas Vasquez were not at the coach’s disposal the whole time. The good news was the return of Casemiro, Nacho, Raphael Varane and Danny Carvajal.

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Real Madrid decided the match within 10 minutes. Benzema Double

But Real has shown that they are not afraid of a shortage of staff this season. Already after the first half it was practically clear who would emerge victorious. Ten minutes I made the decision. In the 30th minute, he shot into the net Karim BenzemaWho awarded a penalty after VAR interfered for a foul on Vinicius. Just three minutes later, Alvaro Odriozola took the lead, locking perfectly to the left side of the field. The ball fell straight to his head after the cross, then fluttered into the net. Finally, in the 40th minute, there was a little bit of confusion in the Kadesh penalty area. Unmarked Casemiro got the ball in the 12th minute. 99 out of 100 players would likely have shot in such a situation, but that player played brilliantly at Karim Benzema’s head, and the French finished the match. From minute 30 to minute 40, Real scored three goals, and that was the result of the match.

Haaland's quick reaction after the penalty kick.  BVB is still fighting for the UEFA Champions LeagueHaaland’s quick reaction after the penalty kick. BVB is still fighting for the UEFA Champions League

Thanks to this win Real Madrid Become captain until Thursday at least La Ligi. Zidane’s players have 70 points, similar to Atletico, who will play their match on Thursday. Their competitor will be those who fight to preserve Huesca.

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