3D printing. A couple stayed in the Netherlands in a fully printed house

Holland. The retirees moved into a 3D house

A couple got digital keys to their apartment because the building – 94 square meters bungalow with two bedrooms – It opens with the application.

“This is the first home that has been fully approved by the local government and inhabited by people who pay for it,” said Bas Hoysmans, president of Weber Benelux, the company that constructed the building.

Three-dimensional house – how to build it

The construction is done with 3D printing using a large robot arm that releases a special cement, duplicating the architect’s design. It places successive layers on the walls which were created to increase their strength. Then the windows and doors are inserted and the finishing works are carried out.

The 3D method is seen by many in the construction industry A way to reduce construction costs and environmental damage to produce large quantities of cement. It could also, the Guardian noted, be particularly beneficial in the Netherlands, where there is a shortage of qualified builders.

Designers say the house fully complies with Dutch building standards and is the first of five under what they call the Milestone Project, where designs are set to become more complex when applying the knowledge gained.

Watch the video: 3D printed house. The structure was completed in just 48 hours

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