A German newspaper expressed its happiness with the Polish Stock Exchange and the economy. “You will not work with us”

Today’s edition of Handelsblatt Daily has a large text on the 30th Anniversary of the Stock Exchange. Germany is pleased with the Polish stock market and also envies our economy. Poland this year should return to the level of GDP it was before the epidemic. It will not work in Germany.

Allegro debuts with a record market cap in stock market history

Allegro’s stock price at the opening of its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange increased by 51.2% to 65 PLN. This is the largest IPO …

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The floor of Warsaw is teeming with life

“In 2020, the number of orders and sales on the WSE increased by 56.1 percent. This is more than any other trading system in Europe,” the German daily notes, adding that “the floor of Warsaw is more alive than ever.”

The Warsaw Stock Exchange, launched exactly 30 years ago, is a success story”- confirms the newspaper.

Handelsblatt reminds us of the stock exchange’s humble beginnings.

“In the beginning, exactly 30 years ago, nobody expected this success. After the fall of communism, on the first day of trading in 1991, shares traded for $ 2,000 in only 112 buy and sell deals. Only five previous state-owned companies traded in The stock market. The trading sessions were held once a week. ”

Thirty years later, the situation is completely different.

Polish export dynamics in the top five in the European Union

Poland achieved the fifth best result in the European Union in terms of export dynamics two months later this year. – The Deputy Minister of Development and Labor and …

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“The number of orders and sales has been increasing steadily since last year Warsaw is the arena of the second largest public offering in Europe After the Reimanns’ coffee and tea they hold an Amsterdam stock of JDE Peet. The listing of Polish e-commerce group Allegro produced 2.3 billion (…) in 2020. Allegro is the most valuable listed company in Poland with a market capitalization of 13 billion euros, “the daily writes.

‘Typical Polish procedure’

In 2018, the Polish stock market was the last of the 25 international markets to transition from an ’emerging markets’ status to an advanced capital markets group with FTSE Russell and Stoxx index suppliers.

“And this is also a typical Polish,” says Handelsblatt. “The country needed just 28 years for this step. South Korea With companies like Samsung, Hyundai, LG Electronics and Kia It took 55 years– He points to.

The paper points out that despite the rapid development, the Polish Stock Exchange is still “described only in investor forums as classified information from the inside, as a market that hardly anyone knows about.”

Handelsblatt asserts that “the potential of the Polish market is largely unknown, as is the fact that Poland is currently the fifth largest trading partner of Germany, ahead of Italy, Great Britain and Russia”.

Google Cloud opens in Poland. Chief concern thanked Morawiecki

On Wednesday, the Google Cloud District was launched in Warsaw – a data processing center and cloud services. On this occasion, Matthews Murawiecki …

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– The global awareness of investment opportunities in Warsaw does not match our great potential – admits Marek Dittel, Chairman of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Mishai Trochimchuk, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting believes Polish Stock Market “very interesting for investors from a long-term perspective”. Thanks to well-trained specialists, the increasing expansion of Polish companies into other markets and highly advanced digitization, Poland is “the most sustainable country in Europe”

What distinguishes the Warsaw Stock Exchange?

To date, all of the 383 Polish companies and 51 foreign companies included in the main WSE list have a good market capitalization of 241 billion euros, while the 376 Polish companies and four foreign companies listed in the developing New Connect market have another 4.6 billion euros.

Compared to other exchanges, WSE has another special feature – an index of companies operating in the computer games industryThe paper notes. The WIG Games Index is “a great strategy to attract global investment into Poland,” says John Lawrence, investment director at JA Lawrence Wealth Management.

Poland has become the “global leader in the gaming market” and has already overtaken Japan “ – says Joost Van Drionen, a lecturer at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Germany stunned Polish successes. ‘A small economic miracle’

The coronavirus epidemic hit Poland hard, but the economy recovered well. Poland also has the lowest unemployment rate …

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Poland has the most competitive IT sector among all 23 countries in Eastern Europe– The specialized business magazine “Eastern Europe” evaluates in a new study. It is especially good that startups are now appearing across the country, not just in the capital – we read in an article in “Handelsblatt”, which cites the results of the study “Eastern Europe”.

Pioneers in new technologies

Handelsblatt also asserts that “all major banks, insurance companies, airlines and commercial companies have outsourced their data centers and IT services to Poland. It produces car manufacturers like VW or Fiat or home appliance manufacturers like Bosch-Siemens or tech groups like LG at their own factories in Poland.. The country is attracting many foreign investors. ”

“In the wake of the pandemic, Microsoft and Google announced billions of investments in cloud computing and data centers.” Statement by a Microsoft director, who estimated that Poland, with its 38 million inhabitants, could become “the digital heart of Europe.”«.

Overall, the company’s scene is very diverse, which makes it The country is immune to crises– “Handelsblatt” piss.

The leading WIG20 index shows a multicolored picture: in addition to three banks and an insurance company, it includes five energy and utility companies and two telecommunications companies, KGHM’s largest copper producer in Europe and JSW’s largest hard coal producer in Europe.

NBP portfolios: interest rates should remain at the current level

The President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glabinski, expects interest rates to remain until the end of the monetary policy board’s term …

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The list also includes two well-known retail footwear and apparel chains in Germany – CCC and LPP – an IT and medical technology company and a supermarket chain.

Poland will quickly get rid of the recession

“Although Poland experienced a year of recession in 2020 for the first time in 30 years, the epidemic hit the well-diversified Polish economy to a lesser extent compared to other European countries,” said the World Bank representative in Poland and the Baltic countries. Marcus Haynes.

“The prestigious Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies expects that this year Poland will achieve GDP before the crisis,” wrote the most important German economic daily. “The Germans will not succeed,” he adds.







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