A gift for PS4 players from the developers of Days Gone. Sony Bend celebrates the game’s second birthday

Days Gone debuted a couple of years ago, so Sony Bend prepared a small gift for gamers. Fans can choose a free theme for PlayStation 4, which will remind those interested in one of the most interesting new IPs Sony Studios has produced over the last generation.

On April 26, 2019, the premiere of Days Gone took place on PlayStation 4. And as you know, the title has already received an update for PS5 and is officially going to PC – Recently, we can even take a look at the trailer and find out when it debuted. However, the creators do not forget the origins of the story, and for Christmas, a nice gift was prepared for PS4 owners.

Days Gone fans can download a free dynamic theme for PlayStation 4. You can watch the presentation below and as you can see, the developers in this case may remember players from each region. It’s not a standard, but here Sony Bend didn’t disappoint.

Only one question remains – What’s next with Days Gone 2? And you know Fans keep ordering production and more people sign the petitionFor Sony to agree to create the title. We still don’t know if it makes more sense, but as you can see, the creators don’t forget about this interesting IP.

It’s worth noting that Days Gone is available on the PS Plus and PS Plus Collection, so PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners can download the game as part of Sony’s offerings.

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