A movie about a transgender woman not inappropriate for TVP? We have the answer

  • “Call me Marianna” by Karolina Bielawska tells the story of a transgender heroine who had to sue her parents in court, because that was the only way to change the record on the birth certificate.
  • The document’s co-producer is TVP, which has not decided to broadcast the movie on one of its channels since 2016
  • “Talk …” is not available on any broadcast platform in Poland. In the United States, it is found in Amazon and Apple TV bookstores
  • – Ironically, the film, which was made with Polish taxpayer money, is showing in the US or Europe, but not in Poland – the director said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska
  • “The earliest date when we plan to release the document is the fall schedule for 2021” – we read in the statement sent to Onet
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Mariana is an attractive 40-year-old woman. Distanced from the people she loved; She sued her parents in court, as that was the only way to change the record on the birth certificate. And all this to change the gender. It turns out that life wrote a scenario that no one expected, and the price of freedom and femininity in the dream is very high – this is the plot of “Call me Marianna” by the director Bielawska.

She won many awards for the film, both in Poland and abroad. Including the Golden Horn, a prize for them. Maciej Szumowski, Best Producer and Audience Award at the Krakow Film Festival; Premio Zonta Club Award at Locarno IFF, Best Documentary Award in Lisbon, Grand Prix and Journalist Award at Message to Man Festival in Russia and Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award at Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Bielawska: Let them show it on another TV

“Call me Marianna” is a co-production of Polish TV. So no one was surprised to learn that the film will be shown on the air on a public radio station. However, since 2016, it hasn’t been broadcast – “Speak …” has been on TV shelves in Woronicza for five years. The image also did not appear on the VoD TVP platform, which means it cannot be seen anywhere in Poland.

If my movie’s TVP program is not intended to be shown or made available on the VoD platform, let them allow it to be shown on another TV – said Beloska in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. She did not hide her disappointment. She added that while it is pointless to search for “Call me Marianna” on broadcast platforms available in Poland, Americans can watch it on Apple TV and Prime Video, as well as on MUBI. – Ironically, the film, which was made with Polish taxpayer money, is showing in the US or Europe, but not in Poland. – She confirmed.

I wrote to TVP office management several times. Unfortunately, there is no answer. The movie was supposed to be released in 2019, but has been downloaded from schedule. Belowska doesn’t know why he decided not to show the film. You can guess the subject of the document might be uncomfortable. The director asserts that this film is not about “gay ideology”, but about people and their identity. – Show her to strive for normality and normalcy. This is a religious and conservative person like many of us.

According to Wirtualna Polska’s investigation, the people responsible for co-productions on TVP no longer work there. In the contract between the producer of Kalejdoskop Film Studio and Telewizja Polska, there is no guarantee that the film will be broadcast.

TVP: We plan to broadcast in fall 2021.

We asked TVP why the movie was not shown to viewers and if it was related to its theme. Below we post the answer we received:

Telewizja Polska is one of the largest documentary film producers and producers in Poland. In 2020, we have streamed over 40 film premieres that TVP has participated in, and in 2021 we are planning over 50 such initials.

Many of them are productions that compete and win the most important prizes in international competitions in Poland and around the world. This year, up to six co-productions of TVP compete in the Polish competition for the Krakow Film Festival (“1970” by Thomas Wolsky; “Antyhero” by Mishau Kaouki; “One Longer Day” by Monica Mili ؛; “Walking with the Angels” by Tomás Wesukinski; “Only the Wind Lisovia Kwaliowska; “Earth” by Zuzana Solakievi), and two in international competition (“Antyhero” by Michel Kaouki; “Walking with the Angels” by Thomas Wisukinsky). At the same time, three films were produced (out of five nominees), which will compete for the title of best documentary in the Eagles competition 2021 – Polish Film Awards – with the participation of Polish TV (“Wall of Shadows” by Eliza Kubarska, “Wieloryb z Lorino” by director Maciej Cuske, “Ordinary Country” by Tomasz Wolski). This illustrates the size and importance of the general broadcaster for the entire Polish documentary film industry.

The documentary has a deep Telewizja Polska tradition, which we are trying to promote, both by systematically inflating the documentary teams on TVP1 and TVP2, as well as by taking care of our archival elements, for example the digital reconstruction program by TVP is being implemented on a large scale. However, the greatest symbol of the significance of the document in Telewizja Polska is the creation of the long-awaited and long-awaited TVP Document channel dedicated to documentaries, which began broadcasting on November 19, 2020. We can find there Polish pearls and a world documentary that was not yet available to viewers. Poles, be it festival films or engaging nature and travel films.

We strongly believe in the development of this project, as we see it as one of the main missionary missions of Public Broadcasting. In the field of document, we carry out many programming, production and archiving activities (the aforementioned digital rebuilding, in addition to the so-called upgrade, i.e. upgrading the archive material to HD quality) and we plan the individual items in scheduling well in advance.

The earliest date we plan to issue the “Call me Marianna” document, Monastery. Karolina Belauska, there is the fall schedule for 2021. After the TV premiere, the movie will be available on TVP VOD.

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