A NASA engineer said that if I heard sounds like this in my car, I would stand aside and call ambulances.

The audio recording of the short journey undertaken by Mars was made by the diligent Mars. The Space and Space Agency (NASA) said Thursday morning.

According to NASA engineer Vandi Verma, this is the first such document. He said the 16-minute recording was recorded by a perspective microphone during a journey of about 27 meters a few days ago. “It is very loud when you ride on rocks with your wheels,” Verma explained, because the surfaces of Mars are made of rolling metal.

Image courtesy of Nevers Super Game, a scientific instrument from the US Mars Orbit of Perseverance released by NASA on March 12, 2021Source: MTI / EPA / NASA / JPL-Caltech

“If I could hear sounds like this in my car, I would stand aside and call ambulances. But everything becomes clear when we think about what we hear and where it was recorded,” said his colleague Dave Cruel.

Diligence tested its laser for the first time last week and sent audio recordings to Earth.

Covering a distance of more than 470 million kilometers, the one-ton, six-wheeler landed on Mars on February 18 after several dangerous maneuvers in the 250-foot-deep Jessero abyss. The area, which is about 45 km in diameter, will be explored by a rover in two years.

He is scheduled to work on the planet for a full Mars year – 687 Earth days – where he will search for traces of microbial life.

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