A piss sub criticizes the DVB program. “Unacceptable border crossing”

Entry of a Pies deputy and former journalist, incl. DVB is about the show “It’s Worth Talking” hosted by John Bospisolski every Monday on DVB3.

“How many of these people would be alive without a primary care lock? When will vaccinated doctors begin to take patients back? Why do doctors question the discipline of current epidemiological policies?”

“John Bospisolsky is probably against locking up because he can not make money from concerts, but underestimates the need to wear masks in the midst of an epidemic in the public media, to act against restrictions. – This is a scandal” – wrote Jonah Lichoka.

He also announced that he was asking television chairman Jacek Kursky to explain “how it is possible for a DVP to broadcast a program that attacks the fight against the epidemic.”

“This is another time something like this is happening in DVP. Unacceptable border crossing” – he wrote in the next post.

Lichoka, a member of the National Media Council, also announced the council’s draft position on the DVP3 show. “In my opinion, the defamatory message of the ‘It’s Worth Talking’ program on the DVP needs the reaction of the National Media Council,” he added.

MP from Poland Unity Janus Kowalski responded to Lichoka’s entries, Politicians from Gbigno Geopro’s party have not been invited as guests to the TVP since last December. “Dear Jonah! I am in favor of freedom of speech, discussion and non-censorship. And I say this as a member of Solidarity Poland. From December 9, 2020, politicians will not participate in the press programs of the TVP because we protect the sovereign government’s tax. Freedom in the DVB!” – He wrote.

“A program that promotes lies, unilaterally, fights the epidemic, thus endangering the health of many. Crossing borders. It has nothing to do with freedom, with nonsense – at best – a lot” – replied Jonah Lichoka.

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