A ray of hope – this will happen after the weekend. Omar and Ibek’s relationship ended! [17.05.2021]

“Ray of Hope” is a series that replaces the beloved with the viewers, “Prisoner of Love”. The Turkish series can be watched Monday through Friday on TVP 2. Check out what happens in the upcoming episodes of “Ray of Hope”.

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Ray of Hope tells the story of a family that has separated. Omar was wrongly convicted of theft and was imprisoned. His wife, Ipek, is very nervous about this and starts premature labor. But she does not know that her greedy cousin Khalil and his wife Neslihan are the ones who put her husband in prison.

Where and when do we see the movie “Ray of Hope”? How many episodes of the Turkish series?

The Turkish series “Ray of Hope” is broadcast on Telewizja Polska five times a week. Fate of the Heroes can be followed Monday through Friday on TVP 2 from 5:15 pm. Each episode lasts about 40 minutes.

This will happen on the series Promic Nadze in the coming episodes

In the gallery below, you will find summaries of the upcoming episodes of the series “Ray of Hope”, which will be broadcast in mid-May. Find out the fate awaiting the main characters.


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