A security vulnerability in WhatsApp. You are in danger!

WhatsApp has failed its users again – after the messaging data management scandal, it is time for a serious app flaw. Check what it is all about and how to avoid it.

In recent months, a lot of users have discontinued WhatsApp. It’s due In January, the app reported that users must accept the new regulationsAccording to what Facebook will be able to download its data from WhatsApp.

Many refused to accept such a turn of events, abandoned the use of the communication device, and opted for alternative solutions. However, those who still use WhatsApp may face a serious problem.

A security vulnerability in WhatsApp

As reported by Forbes, researchers found the app Serious gapIt allows hackers to block a user from accessing the account by simply using their phone number.

After installing WhatsApp, an attacker can enter any phone number while registering – Also for you. For verification, the communicator will send you a message containing a code. After many failed attempts to verify the user, you will not be able to use instant messaging for the next 12 hours.

At this point, it gets dangerous – after the account is banned, a hacker can send an email to WhatsApp asking to deactivate the number. The reason may be, for example, the loss or theft of the smartphone. After the account is deactivated, login will not be possible for 12 hours, after which the attacker may repeat this process, which will result The total blockade of the account.

The WhatsApp

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In this case, even two-step verification won’t help keep your account secure. The problem specifically is that its operation is dependent on SMS messages. However, it is worth adding E-mail address To the credentials, which can be useful in this case.

This is not the time for WhatsApp. It appears that the app developers aren’t particularly concerned about the problem. This is another red flag that makes it worth considering using the green messaging alternatives out there – the most popular ones cable I Signal.

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