A simple step for your iPhone to block app tracking

Apple’s new smartphone firmware has just landed. With the update, iOS 14.5 will allow you to control which apps on your iPhone can access your location. You can now block them however you want, which definitely helps to feel relatively safe.


iOS 14.5And the This is the latest version of the system that supports giant smartphones from & nbspCupertino, it has been equipped with an nbsp function with & nbspname Application tracking transparency (There is no translation in the Polish version). It targets those who are completely dissatisfied with the fact that different apps might want to track their location. It is a feeling of relative safety, because it can also track us in a different way, for example by GSM signal.

If you want to focus on blocking apps from accessing your site, the first thing to do is update your iPhone to iOS 14.5. To do this, you must enter & nbspSettings -> General -> Updates And to allow downloading and installing a new version of the firmware.


After completing the whole process, you can enjoy the new iOS feature. To see which apps are using your location, go to & nbspSettings -> Privacy -> Tracking. The programs that use your site are listed under “Let apps track my order.” By deselecting the green slider, you are preventing this possibility.


Voila! You can now enjoy relative non-targeting!

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