According to Navalny, they directly worsen his health and ask for painkiller injections

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Alexei Navalny’s health continues to deteriorate in prison, where he was taken back in February. As we wrote earlier, the imprisoned Russian opposition leader Complaining about back pain and leg pain. A few days ago he told his lawyer he felt paralyzed in his leg, the latter turned out to be so bad, according to a post on his Instagram page, he fears You may lose your leg.

Navalny returned to a public monitoring team to assess his condition and inject him with painkillers, as all of the two ibuprofen pills he received from the prison doctor had not been used. The Audit Committee is a semi-official body that visits prisons. The 44-year-old activist told the group

His guards wake him up every hour at night, wanting to ruin his health, and the prison refuses to allow him to be examined by a civilian doctor. Navalny, through the committee, applied to give diclofenac injection, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The committee sent the request, but it is not known whether it was later approved by the prison leadership. The group also told the press that Navalny was still able to walk while they were there.

Alexei Navalny in prison.

Navalny’s lawyer, Wakim Kobzev, visited his bodyguard the day before the committee and said he was unaware that the politician had applied for an injection.It is known that from March 15 Navalny was taken to Pokrov 2 “Correctional Colony” in Vladimir County. From a Moscow prison, He was detained after being detained in Moscow, Berlin on January 17. He was in Berlin because he was poisoned by the Russian secret service and treated there. Navalny discovered that the FSP was actually behind the massacre He called her by a nickname One of the active participants told him in detail how he tried to pull him off his feet.

On February 2, a Moscow court transferred Navalny to a suspended sentence, which many consider politically motivated. According to the verdict, Navalny, taking into account the time previously spent under house arrest, Three and a half years In two and a half years you will have to download for a while. (Reuters)


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