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Marc Marquez admitted that he dreamed of getting back into racing as he did today at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Exhausted, though, the Honda Repsol rider finished seventh. # 93 He Said After The Race The excitement reigned over when he returned to his mechanics, which were seen on a TV broadcast anyway.

“Of course, emotion is the right word. I am a person who love to hide my feelings, but when I got to the garage where it was all the mechanic, I just exploded and couldn’t contain my feelings. I dreamed for a long time to come back today – ending the motorcycle race. This is the biggest step in my re-qualification. I dreamed of.” With the feeling of being a MotoGP contestant again, that happened today.Marc Marquez said. “It was an explosion of emotions that I couldn’t control, but it was so much fun.”

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As the Honda rider admitted, the first and last laps of the race were the toughest. “I didn’t feel like I was in the first laps. Maybe the hardest thing today. You know what it would be like when you play football at school with the older kids and they pass you as they like. I didn’t have the speed, I didn’t control the bike and everyone started to overtake me.”

“But I calmed down, I didn’t fight, and I found myself there. I started to gradually increase my rhythm. I got the best lap at the end of the race. I felt better and tried to catch (Alex) Esparjaro again. But then my body said,” It starts over. ” “The last six laps I was sitting on the bike and trying to reach the finish line. But the most important thing is that he succeeded. And when we checked, it turned out that I lost only 13 seconds to (Fabio) Quartararo in the race, which is unbelievable.” – The Spanish added.

Source:, Repsol Honda

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