Agata and Piotr Rubik pictured from their youth. “Before all plastic surgeries”

Agatha I Pewter Rubik is without a doubt one of the Polish show business’s most open-minded husbands. The couple talks directly about the worries of everyday life, and at the same time they try to approach life with complete optimism. The couple’s social media is filled with funny anecdotes and jokes, even the ones talking about them.

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Agata and Piotr Rubik in an old photo from their youth

It was no different this time, when Agata Rubik posted an old photo with her husband on Instagram, taken more than ten years ago. The picture was briefly summarized by:

Beautiful, young and before all plastic surgery – Agata Rubik joked.

In her post, Agata Rubik bitterly touched on the topic of plastic surgery. She also admitted to herself during a conversation with our reporter, In the past, she had only chosen once Therapy. worm However, not every plastic surgery is associated with cosmetic surgery. However, she did not disclose exactly which procedure she chose and when. In any case, aside from their hairstyles, Agata and Piotr Rubik have not changed at all. Fans have even pointed out that they’re one of the more natural-looking couples in show business.

Pewter Rubik, Agata RubikAgata and Piotr Rubik remember their wedding in Janachuska. They collaborated with the paparazzi

Nothing has changed except for Mr. Pewter’s hairstyle.

You’re Beautiful and Natural – netizen books.

In fact, it must be admitted that the Piotr Rubik hairstyle has undergone a major transformation over the years. The musician was bright and simple SadThis made him one of the most special people in the Polish show business.

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