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Alexandra Chiproska is a regular online contributor. Beloved Mikai Cibrosky is known for her distance from herself and reality, and her sense of humor that her fans love for her. However, social media is not only an opportunity to connect with fans, but also the blistering attacks of the haters. Recently, the 34-year-old posted a surprising video, in reaction to the critical words of netizens.

Alexandra Ibroska responds to the criticism in a surprising way

Aleksandra Żebrowska is very active on the web and willingly contributes to social media. She can also boast of a large number of fans who follow her activities regularly and comment on them. The 34-year-old Instagram account is already seen by more than 141,000 internet users, and that number is constantly growing. In its default gallery, we can find a lot of posts from daily life. There are a lot of pictures from the privacy of your home or your family trips. Ebrowska commented on the reality that surrounds her with distance and humor, and loyal fans are eagerly awaiting her next favorite posts.

This group definitely does not include haters who react negatively to every public figure move on the Internet. In many posts you can find offensive words that some internet users have left only to harm someone. However, this time The 34-year-old did not remain indifferent to them. Not only did Alexandra Ibroska show the critical comments of the observers, but she also responded to them … in a somewhat perverted manner …

(…) I understand that you fear without feeling other than rubbing a child, but you are a stranger with no self-control – We read within the framework of one of the 34-year-old’s last posts, which also included one of the private messages she received:

Maybe you show me how to wear panties – The reaction didn’t take long to come.

Alexandra Ibroska and “Meet the expectations of the followers”

Ola ebrowska asked her observers if they should make an appropriate educational program. The vast majority were “yes”. So In response to the critical comments, Micha Cebrowski’s wife posted a short video on the web showing how she is dressing in her underwear. The recording, which lasted a few seconds, caused a sensation on the Internet, and under publication there was an avalanche of positive reviews from fans of the 34-year-old.

that’s it! Meet the expectations of your followers!
Let’s hope the lady who ordered the tutorial is finally satisfied, you are huge
I love your distance from yourself and life in general! Mega!
beautiful lady !!! Besides a sense of humor and a great distance to himself
I love your energy and the distance to yourself. It is good that you are online. Hope you don’t feel like it
I love you for a distance between you and yourself
you are a wonderful woman! – Internet users write.

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