Alexandra Dumayska is pregnant? Coworkers broke the silence

Alexandra Dumayska (31 years old) is likely to become a mother for the first time! The star is allegedly pregnant, according to someone working on the production of “Patron”. Know the details!

There is a big baby boom in the Polish business. He can boast of his blessed condition among other things Ida Novakowska, Agneska Ludarchik, and Agneska Kachurowska. Now, maybe soon Alexandra Dumayska will be joining the group of future mothers.

Currently, the actress is playing the lead role in the Polsat series “Patron”. It was the person who collaborated in this form who told “Gossip” that Domańska was expecting a baby.

“There is a problem in production, because in the summer we were supposed to start filming the second part of the series ‘Mecenas Porada’, with Ola playing the main role. After that her pregnancy will be visible. But everyone congratulates her on the set and enjoys it with Ola” – reports “Gossip” He said, “an informant.

We do not yet know who is the father of the child. Last year, Ola announced its withdrawal from social media on Instagram.

Then Dumyska spoke about her painful separation from her partner at the time, which caused her to be very hurt. The star decided to protect privacy, and as you can see, I managed to do so.

Now it seems that everything in the actress’s life is going her way. editors congratulate the future mother!

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