An additional 400 PLN for the elderly? Tax-exempt pension approved in May 2021? What will the new PiS deal change?

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A new PiS deal is coming. Retirement without tax? Whose?

The New Deal is a post-crisis reconstruction program prepared by the Law and Justice Party government. As the Oko Press portal has learned, the New Deal will include, among other things, tax-free pensions. The bill was to be announced on March 20 at the Law and Justice Law Program Conference. But this did not happen, and we do not yet know the last date.

Hopefully it will be May, when the pandemic is a little weaker – government spokesperson Pyotr Mueller revealed on TVP.

Therefore, it can be considered that the program will be approved in May. However, Piotr Muller emphasized that the most important thing at the moment is to fight the epidemic and the economic crisis.

For whom is the pension exempt from tax?

Remember, the changes will not apply to all retirees. People whose pension does not exceed 2.5 thousand are exempt from tax. Total zloty. However, it is still a great group. According to Oko Press accounts, 65 percent of retirees receive such a benefit.

How much will the pension increase? These are the math

Thanks to no pension taxes, seniors can count on benefits much higher than ZUS. For example, a person receiving a pension in the amount of net 2088.60 PLN can count on 2,501.76 PLN (for example). Below we provide other examples of Super Express accounts:

  • NET PLN 1066.30 ← PLN 1250.88
  • Net 1321.88 PLN → 1,569.60 PLN
  • Net 1,406.73 PLN → 1,667.84 PLN
  • Net 1,833.03 PLN → 2,189.04 PLN

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