Angela Merkel: A new epidemic has begun as the British strain of the corona virus spreads

Protecting against the version of the virus that was released a year ago, the current restrictions would have prevented the epidemic, but Germany has once again replaced the remnants of the “most violent”, more contagious and “deadly” British mutant in an eruption.

Therefore, new tools developed since last spring should also be used, including antigen quick testing and self-help quick testing, which the Chancellor said underscores the fact that everyone is given the opportunity to get a free test at least once a week. Opportunity must be used.

He noted that the test was a “bridge” until the results of the vaccination campaign were available.

The more we test, the less controls are required

Said Angela Merkel.

He stressed that security should be arranged at the regional level as much as possible in accordance with local conditions. Germany is a federal country, not everything can be blamed on the central government, but it must be done automatically to control the epidemic. For example, Angela Merkel said that “no district president or mayor is barred from following the example of the great Dubbingen or Rostock.”

It takes more faith to escape the epidemic, not always looking bad, he added, adding that it is an example of a very successful development in Europe, a chain-infected application downloaded to more than twenty million smartphones.

In Germany, 22,657 infections were tested in 24 hours, according to data on Thursday. This is an increase of almost thirty percent from 17,504 a week earlier. SARS-CoV-2 has been diagnosed in 2,713,657 people, including newly registered infections. In one day, 228 deaths were reported from the virus (Govt-19), bringing the number of infected people in Germany to 75,440.

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