Anna Lewandowska spoils her young daughters. You have created a real playground in their garden

Anna Lewandowska returned to her pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. Vigorous workouts and a balanced diet made the athlete admire her looks. Recently, she posted on her Instagram a photo of her standing in a home gym. However, it was the view from Anna Lewandowska’s window that most interested netizens. Through it, you can see the star garden and its interior.

Anna Lewandowska is a star who has made an impressive career in Poland and abroad. She is one of the favorite coaches for Polish women, and she runs a blog that promotes healthy eating, and has her own food brand.

However, her boyfriend Robert Lewandowski stresses in every step that family is the most important to her. This is what she said about her a year ago in “Twój Styl” magazine. When you have the experience of an incomplete family, your family becomes the greatest value. This is why I can do so much for my husband. If I were asked to quit my career today, I would do it … – He concludes.

Soon, both children of the Lewandowski family will be celebrating their birthday. Four-year-old Clara is already revealing her athletic talent. The girl has an inexhaustible energy, loves fitness, scooters, and recently she practiced kickboxing under the supervision of a coach.

No wonder the parents made sure that Laura and Clara could enjoy a workout outdoors. In Anna Lewandowska’s garden surrounded by greenery, girls can use a large playground. It consists of ladders, slides, and even a small football field. The girls will probably be pleased. Now all you have to do is wait for the weather to improve.

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