Anna Windzikovsky in the midst of criticism! The image will only add oil!

Anna Wendzikowska (39) went on another vacation this year. Instagram is once again filled with pictures of postcards from Travels of Heaven. The TVN star has to face a lot of criticism from netizens once again …

A celebrity likes to show off her travels. When you enter her social media accounts, you get the impression that Wendzikowska is on vacation constantly.

The epidemic has not distracted “Dzień Dobry TVN” stars. Only this year Anka surpassed the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

I recently caught flamingos in Aruba, and now they treat us with bikini photos from a trip to Curacao Island.

Netizens who prefer her are, of course, pleased with the opinions she gives, but there are also people who reproach her for lack of interest and take every opportunity to cling to her.

Recently, a storm erupted under her photo of flamingos. People indicated to her that the birds pretending with her had cut their wings so as not to escape and be used as a tourist attraction.

She has been accused of only staying in luxury hotels, which is not about travel.

“Hotels – today I’m in fifth place – they’re quite far from each other, so there were a lot of attractions along the way. I’m throwing all sorts of things: hot springs and suspension bridges in the woods, beaches – not a hotel at all. But the truth is. The hotels are very picturesque and perfect as a background for photos “- Anna replied at the time.

However, the biggest brawl broke out when people started to figure out where she was getting the money for a luxury vacation several times a year!

This angered Anka, as she responded very frankly to the curious internet user …

“Dear Lord, at school, pardon me, I got upset, I wrote the Olympics, won the belts, I learned languages. They were partying. In college, instead of celebrating, I would go to exams, I got a scholarship. I went to study in London and worked in Night, and during the day I went to the classroom to get everything somehow “- angry Anna.

Then she added that she was working on TVN alone, and made her first breakfast box item with her own money.

Well, working in a lunchroom must actually be a very profitable job. Even though it’s the end of April, Anka has already made another trip to the other hemisphere.

This time it fell on the island of Curacao. Wendzikowska, of course, treats fans of other sexy bikini pictures.

Does such a life envy her?

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