Anna Zugovska and Piotr Josovsky defended their daughter. There were unpleasant accusations

Anna Jojuska I Pyotr Josowski They bonded together in 2005 when they performed atDancing With The Stars“After two years of participating in the program, they become Julia’s parents. The girl is already 14 years old and is already taking her first steps in the career of her father. We wrote that some time ago She made her debut as a dubbing actress.

It turns out that this was not a one-time adventure at all, and the girl is still involved in the castings of subsequent productions. The daughter’s enthusiasm and commitment to self-development pleased Anna Gujowska, who is very proud of the child.

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newly Anna Jojuska She bragged about the photos shared with her daughter, which they took on their way to the next dubbing. I wrote:

Anna Jogoska defends her daughter. There were unpleasant accusations

The picture collected dozens of likes and received many comments. Netizens have noted a great similarity between Julia Gąsowska her dad, They also admired the great mother-daughter relationship. However, some accused the teen of successfully starting his career in dubbing only thanks to the fact that he had a well-known name which is the daughter of a famous couple with great connections in the industry.. Anna Głogowska responded to the inner world teasing, revealing what her daughter’s work really looked like.

Photo: Instagram / annaglogowska_official

Anna Gogoska responds to excitement on Instagram

“I understand you would like to have the role of a 13-year-old girl in a radio play …? It turns out that there are castings! And there are no scary crowds! Everyone has a chance to cast their vote for the vote bank! – Anna Gugovska wrote in response.

“I have personally met most of the parents who play dubbing for children and there are no known people … These are for example a seamstress, a truck driver, etc. Their children are invited and engaged until they have the child’s voice and talent. Then, only representatives are invited after graduation! Added the well-known dancer fromDancing With The Stars“.

Anna Gojowska also described what the dubbing work looked like in her case. Recently the mother of Piotr Gąsowski’s baby is also trying her hand at the industry.

“If I get an invite, that’s a role where my character is just working, gasping and wondering, and even I’m not into the credits. My fees rarely cover the cost of petrol, but I always do it with the utmost joy, and even if I have to pay an extra, I would also like to do it! I recommend! It’s a lot of fun, not work! – I wrote, encouraging the malicious internet user to pay attention to dubbing.

Anna Gogoska responds to excitement on Instagram

Pyotr Josowski defends his daughter against hate

Piotr Gąsowski also reacted to an unpleasant inconvenience about his daughter’s accomplishments. After a comment from the malicious internet user, he wrote:

Photo: Instagram / annaglogowska_official

Anna Gogoska responds to excitement on Instagram

We are glad that Piotr Gąsowski and Anna Głogowska defend their daughter. After all, it’s not her fault that she knows her parents. Ultimately, work and talent will defend themselves anyway. The stars who followed in the footsteps of their famous parents and who are happy today on stage or on screen discovered it for themselves.

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