Another circular road in Greater Poland. A tender will be announced soon

There is an environmental decision to bypass Stryków.

A bypass, over three kilometers long, runs on the south side of Stryków and will join the existing National Road No. 32 via the roundabout. We have obtained a decision on the environmental conditions to bypass Stryków along National Road No. 32. This decision approves the bypass route and allows the announcement of a tender procedure to implement the investment in the design and construction system – Alina Cieślak reported from GDDKiA in Poznan. We plan to announce the measure in mid-2021. She added.

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Thanks to the investment, the safety of the residents will be improved, the transportation system will be relaxed and the carrying capacity in the village will be increased. The investment will also improve travel conditions and safety, particularly between Pozna, Grodzysk-Velkopolsky or Wolstein. This road is an important link between Poznan and Zilona Gora – The spokeswoman confirms.

Stryków Ring Road is to be one of 8 roads to be built in Wielkopolska by 2030 as part of the Government’s “Program for Building 100 Ring Roads”. Here are the other circular roads to be built:
– odyń corridor along National Road No. 32,
– Grzymiszewo ring road on the national road number 72,
– Kalisz Pass along the National Road No. 25,
– Camiona bypass along National Road No. 24,
– bypassing the Gusteo along National Road No. 15,
– Bypass Krutuszyn, Zidoun and Sezco along National Road No. 15
– Bypass Komin Wielkopolski along National Road No. 15.

It is estimated that the cost of building 100 ring roads in Poland is approximately 28 billion PLN. The investments will be funded from the resources of the National Roads Fund managed by Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank.

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