Another travel ban has been introduced on Tyrol

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From March 31, travel from North Tyrol in Austria will only be allowed with the result of a negative corona virus test as another mutation spreads in the British variant, the provincial leadership said on Sunday.

According to reports, 216 people have so far been registered with a mutation in British virus strains coded E484K. For now, the test duty, which is mentioned as a condition of departure, is valid until April 14th. The Tyrolean leadership said it would develop PCR testing capability in the Kufstein region by Wednesday. Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in some public places in the city.

Photo: SVEN HOPPE / dpa via Image-Alliance AFP

According to the Ministry of Health, the new virus variant has so far only been detected in other parts of Austria. Public health officials are now working to determine the characteristics of the new variant. It was emphasized that the impact of this variation on the effectiveness of corona virus vaccines is significant. Currently, there is a patient in the intensive care unit at Tyrol who suffers from this mutation. “We are monitoring the situation very closely and, as a precaution, we are using particularly strict standards to control this type of corona virus,” said Elmer Rizoli, chairman of the Tyrolian Crisis Group. He added that as in previous weeks, serious efforts are being made in communication research. Local measures such as travel testing and contact research have been used to prevent the spread of the South African variant, reducing the number of victims of this mutation from 193 to the current 25.

From the Austrian province of Tyrol, with the exception of East Tyrol, from February 12 to March 11, travel was permitted only with a negative corona virus test to control the highly contagious South African mutation in the corona virus. In Austria, 536,465 victims have been identified since the eruption, of whom 9,256 have died from the disease. (MDI)

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