Anti-vaccination campaigns on the web? “They sign up for the vaccine to prevent the date”

Do immunizations against vaccines only register a deadline and prevent others from getting the vaccine? Similar reports surfaced on social media. The government profile “Szczepimy się” mentioned the case on Twitter.

Regarding the alleged action Antiviral agents He reported on Twitter that Bardos Fiassek, a doctor. “If it is true that anti – vaccine communities are taking massive action to block regulations Vaccine against COVID-19“This is an act that is harmful to the Polish people and the authorities should take an interest in it,” he wrote.

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Do anti-vaccine vaccines register for wasted doses? There is an opinion from the government

An expert in the field of rheumatology shared an excerpt from a post on the Internet, according to which a vaccine resistance group from different ages is being mobilized to prevent others from registering. “Register Vaccines Prevent a meeting and do not come. They boast within themselves of the number of quantities they are said to have wasted in this way “- we read.

“I am doing autopsies including those who died in the courseCOVID-19. Some of them may have survived if they had been vaccinated against #covid_19. We do not condone such anti-social behavior, “wrote Robert Novakovsky, a forensic expert on Twitter, who also linked to a tweet from someone who allegedly took part in the operation.” You apply for the vaccine and have access to dates throughout Poland. Of course, you did not go for any vaccinations “- reads the contents of the appeal.

The government profile “Szczepimy się” commented on the case. When asked if such an approach should be criminally liable, an Internet user replied: “We analyze these texts on various social media. We use all available tools to combat this phenomenon.”

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