Apple has damaged Facebook. IOS users don’t want to be tracked

The new privacy changes for iPhone users in the iOS 14.5 update are bad news for Facebook. The latest data from Verizon shows that almost no one in the United States allows you to track their activity for advertising purposes. This could be a financial hit for the social media giant.


Role App tracking transparency with iOS 14.5 It allows users to block apps from tracking their activity. Ultimately, this data will be used to serve them personalized ads.

By default, the collection of information about us by the apps is disabled. Our informed consent is required to enable tracking.

Jacob Krauzinski

According to Statista data, Facebook earned up to $ 86 billion from advertising in 2020. Changes in privacy options on iPhones could make it difficult for the company to earn this level of income.

Jacob Krauzinski

Publisher / Editor WP Technologie


Mark Zuckerberg didn’t like these changes long before they were introduced. The Facebook chief has always feared that he would hurt his company financially. Its platform will not be able to match ads to iPhone users with this accuracy. Only a few people allow this behavior.

The data proving this was collected by analytics company Flurry, which is owned by Verizon. From the information gathered by Flurry, it appears that Only 4 percent of iPhone owners in the US have activity tracking turned onIn order to obtain advertisements that suit their interests.

This is a big hit for Facebook, which lives off selling personal user information to advertisers. Outside the US, the situation isn’t much better for the social media giant – 12 percent. People agree to collect data on them.


The Flurry report is based on a sample of 2.5 million iOS 14.5 users from the US and 5.3 million from the rest of the world.

The end of free Facebook?  There were strange messages in the app

The end of free Facebook? There were strange messages in the app

Facebook, like any other iPhone app developer, is now required to notify Apple smartphone owners what type of data it is collecting about users. However, Facebook reports this in a way that if it rejects, it will not be a free app.


However, what is undoubtedly Flurry’s latest research – people value privacy, and this can negatively impact Facebook’s current business model and its ability to generate income.

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