Arc Pro workstation GPUs for desktops and laptops are announced by Intel

We’ve all been waiting impatiently for Intel to make its whole desktop GPU lineup available in the West. However, as the release date becomes more hazy, the business has unveiled the first Arc Pro series entrants. Similar to the RTX-A series from Nvidia and the Radeon Pro from AMD, these workstation cards are designed for industrial use. Desktop GPUs and a laptop graphics card are included in the Arc Pro range.

Both desktop cards, the Arc Pro A40 and the Arc Pro A50, are single-slot designs with six gigabytes (Gb) of GDDR6 and eight Xe cores for ray tracing. It consumes just 50 watts at its max. (An RTX 3070, on the other hand, consumes roughly 200 watts). Dual-slot design and 75-watt power consumption give the Arc Pro A50 a little edge over its single-slot counterpart. Dual 8K at 60Hz or one 5120×1440 display at 240Hz are both supported by four mini-DisplayPort 1.4 connectors.

With a slightly reduced 4GB of visual memory and a 64-bit memory interface, the laptop GPU is the Arc Pro A30M. With a maximum power demand of 50 watts and output ports that rely on the mobile workstation design, the capabilities are otherwise comparable.

Both desktop cards should be able to take power from the motherboard alone, with no special PSU rails required, according to photos and specs. You can use them as supplemental visuals, but they aren’t powerful enough to be used in a high-end video or 3D-rendering system. However, the AV1 video encoding of the Arc GPU series may be worth the increase for many customers.

The Arc Pro cards will be manufactured by Intel’s partners “later this year,” according to the company. Arc desktop GPUs have yet to be released to the general public.

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