Arrests and tickets after the Legia fan celebration. The police used gas

Warsaw Police arrested 16 people after yesterday’s cheering ceremony celebrating the defense of the Polish soccer champion title in Warsaw Legia. Eleven detainees will be responsible for crimes. Legia Warszawa team members have also been fined. During the intervention, uniforms were used, among other things, sticks and gas.

On Sunday, the Legia Warszawa Stadium is held Warsaw team match with Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała, after which Legia Warszawa celebrated defending the title of Polish champion.

From the signs that came to us Before the match, thousands of fans were supposed to gather around the stadiumBecause due to restrictions, not everyone can enter the stadium. So, this is where we focused on the greatest strength – Siloester Marzac, a Warsaw Police spokesman, explained.

The policemen were found in the old town. After the match, fans from all over Warsaw went to the monument to the Mermaid (On the Streets of Warsaw – Liberator). There was a recompilation on our part – Merzak said ..

He indicated that At the Mermaid Monument, fans used fireworks, which, due to thick smoke, had to stop traffic on Świętokrzyski Bridge.

After the team left, the fans began to diverge – pointed out.

However, a group of rioters immediately remained and we took decisive action against them. Police officers used direct means of coercion in the form of batons, gases, physical force, and handcuffs. – Ladder.

A spokesman for the Warsaw Police Officers also reported The uniforms identified more than 270 people. 16 people have been arrested, most of them are bogus thieves, among which 11 people will be responsible for the crimes.

Activities with detainees are ongoing. In five cases, the activities are performed in what is called an accelerated mode – Marczak confirmed.

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Among the fines issued by police officers are members of the Legia Warszawa team. They used fireworks on the top deck of an open-top bus, as players and staff traveled the streets of Warsaw.

So far, the police have identified 9 people who have participated in it. However, the uniform announced that more people would be fined.

Regardless of who scored the number of goals, if he breaks the rules, he will receive a ticket – A policeman told RMF FM journalist Krzysztof Zasada.

Six policemen were injured during the intervention on Sunday. They have been helped – Selwester Marczak said.

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