Ashley Kane mourns her 8-month-old daughter. Rest in Heaven, Princess.

Ashley CaineA well-known famous British football player including. From the program on the beach , He shared with & nbspfans very sad information that on April 24, after a long and arduous struggle with cancer, his 8-month-old daughter passed away, Azaylia. When the girl was only 2 months old, she was later diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. The footballer reported his daughter’s struggle with the disease with her partner on social media.

Sunday on his Instagram account Ashley Caine Published The news of the death of my daughter And a moving picture with solace on your hands.

Rest in Heaven, Princess. Until I can keep you in my hands again in Heaven, I will remain in my heart – He signed them.


She was proof of that You can go through Hell and remain an angel.

A similar photo of her daughter posted by the footballer’s partner, Safia Forage.

Her life may have been short, but she saved many other lives. It inspired many people to subscribe to our donor list. It did more than some people who lived to their seventy. And I have given her the strength to do so – One & nbspfanek commented.


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Azaylia She underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the cancer came back after a while, and recent studies showed that the girl had two large brain tumors. Doctors estimated that one or two days he was still alive. After the diagnosis, her parents took her home to spend the last moments with her.

Ashley I & nbspDescriptive They used their social media to show the daily lives of parents of terminally ill children.


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