Athletics. World Championships in Relays. Krzysztof Koki: I would blindly win four medals at the Tokyo Olympics

– I see the most important success from the training point of view in the emergence of a large group of young people who complement our best players. It is a good idea to introduce future generations to competitions in the top national teams, to sum up the unofficial two-day world championships in the relay, said Krzysztof Kuki, Sports Director of the Polish Athletics Federation. The event was held for the first time in Europe and immediately in Poland, at the Silesian Stadium in Khorezov.

Only the fifth edition of this remarkable sporting event with a short tradition ended with great success for the Polish national team. The “Piao Zeroni” team won five medals in the legendary stadium, including two gold and three silver, ahead of the Italians and the Germans.

Of course, you have to remember that not many stars came to Poland, mainly due to the situation around the Coronavirus, and there weren’t enough for the national team of the United States and Jamaica.

With all this, our team also had to adapt without a few top athletes, for example the women’s 4x400m, and yet the ladies snatched the silver medal with great style.

Under all circumstances, were each of these medals expected?

– You can be happy this time, because in the context of the preparations for the Olympic Games and the European Team Championship, we have a general test. Happy Medals. You should always realize that when you enter the competition, one hundred percent of the goals cannot be achieved – Krzysztof Kęcki, Sports Director of PZLA, shared his impressions with journalists.

When asked about forced changes, for example in the women’s 4x400m relay, which took place in a completely changed combination due to the injuries of several competitors, he referred to anxiety in the context of the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in less than three. Months. What about the full line-up of Matusinski’s Angels?

Of course, we realize that the composition of the team in the context of the Olympic Games and the actual core of the team from the Doha World Cup did not start in isolation from the individual players. However, we do have monitoring and try to abandon these events so that players can feel comfortable in the preparations. Contrary to appearances, it’s still a very long time, so there’s a chance our best players will be back in the fast-paced race and we stick with that idea – Kcki replied.

Also in this context, the manager referred to a question about the most valuable result during the just-ended tournament.

I don’t want to say it in someone’s favor, because we are a team and every result in the medal system is very good. The 4 x 100m girls qualification is definitely the most enjoyable. We welcome them in the games. I can also say, maybe not in the context of the results, but the most important success from the point of view of training, I will see the emergence of a large group of young people who complement our best players. It’s great to introduce the next generations to compete in the top national teams – Kęcki emphasized.

The head of the sports department also referred to the question about the absence of Iowa Supoda, whether he shares the opinion that our fastest runner will become a member of the 4×100-meter relay forever.

– Iowa was present in these competitions, and it is no secret that it returned to its behavior after contracting the virus. It was a backup in a situation where this core team ran into various problems. She was around, so I guess Iowa is quietly a member of that team. Hope we have a chance to watch Iowa during DME – our interlocutor’s response.

In the end, he was so enthusiastic about the expectations of the Americans, who calculated in their simulations that Polish athletes would win four medals at the Tokyo Olympics. One of them will be a 4x400m female relay.

I have a limited approach to statistics, but I can confidently say that I will blindly take this number of medals at the Olympics. We are aware of Covid and he is mad unfortunately, changing a lot of plans and preparations, so we have to respond all the time. That’s why I think these four medals will be a huge success for our team – Kęcki admitted.

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