Back to school and hybrid learning. This does not apply to everyone. “We feel sad”

Hybrid learning will start Monday in 11 provinces. Distance learning will continue to be applied to the remaining five. – We were expecting zoning, and I’m trying to understand that, although I feel a little sorry for what happened to us – says Entria Alexandra Jankowska, a teacher from Poznan. Another teacher from a “closed” area admits that he notices “children die every day” who lack communication with their peers. – I am disappointed, and my son is even more – confesses to the mother of a third-grader from Kalish neighborhood.

Back to school on Monday April 26th. Grades 1-3 in 11 provinces will return to blended learning: Małopolskie, Pomorskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Lubelskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Mazowieckie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Podlasie, Lubuskie.

In the counties: Dolnośląskie, ląskie, Wielkopolskie, ódzkie and Opolskie, distance learning will still be in effect.

After the previous sudden lifting of restrictions on schools, I expected zoning to take place now. The community was worth it a little bit – the lack of responsibility, the failure to comply with the complete sanitation system – says Entria Alexandra Yankowska, a teacher for grades 1-3 in Poznan – an area that will not be back in school yet.

At the same time, the teacher admits that she regrets the decision. Children suffer from a severe shortage of full-time education. I see fatigue and a reluctance for children to sit in front of the computer – assess.

On the other hand, there is some understanding for such a step. Coronavirus infections are still high in some regions of Poland. In addition, teachers are not fully vaccinated everywhere – in my area the second dose is only starting now. In addition, not all non-teacher faculty are vaccinated, unless their age groups are already allowed to do so, says Jankowska.

I look forward to the full opening of schools once they are safe for all. I hope this school year happens. We want to check what worked and what didn’t during distance learning. This will allow us to prepare for teaching in the next academic year – sums it up.

Leszek Olbinsky, an information technology and ethics teacher at a primary school in Poznan estimated: – The division into Voivodeship was “open” and “closed”, because these were the voices of the ministry. Clearly, conditions for a safe return to school are not everywhere. However, it is also evident that it leads to inequality.

– I am convinced that these disparities can be compensated for at work in the coming years – adds the teacher immediately. It admits that first graders in particular have a long backlog in developing simple school skills. – Not all parents help their children to the same degree, and we as teachers do not have the time to help everyone remotely, he explains.

On the one hand, I have concerns about the health safety of my students, if they are going to go back to school now. On the other hand, I see kids going out every day. They lack that normal joy and connection – says the teacher. He admits that he talks to his students every day. – In the third grade, the desire to return to full-time education is lowest. On the other hand, students in Grades 1 to 2 suffer from distance education very poorly and with little contact with their peers – she explains.

In his view, the social losses are the worst in distance learning. – These tutorials can be compensated without a problem. Social networks will be visible for a long time – estimated.

Magdalena Zelenska, mother of a third-grader from Lodz, confesses to Interia: – I’m pissed off.

On the one hand, I am not surprised by the teachers who, for safety reasons, do not want to go back to school. Every now and then someone was sick in the open schools, and every now and then there was mandatory quarantine – adds the third-grader’s mother.

She also admits that her son does not want to go back to school. – He fears that it will be only for a “moment”, and that by going to school, he will be isolated again and locked up at home. We’ve had this situation three times before. It was very unfortunate, whenever it coincided with many important family celebrations – says Zielińska.

Personally, I would like him to return to school, even to teach hybrid. It’s a completely different kind of focus on lesson. Children have gaps and it’s time to start making up for them – sum up the child’s mother in third grade.

Magdalena Pancevic, the mother of a third-grader from the vicinity of Kalisz, tells Inter: – My son really wants to go back to school. I am disappointed that we will not go back to school, but I have the impression that my son is even more disappointed.

Children are hungry to communicate with each other. He adds that they are arranging meetings on the school playground, even though they are not taking lessons at school.

Aside from this profession, I also feel sad. Five counties are excluded from the possibility of slow occurrence, as they are slow but returning to normal. I know coronavirus is dangerous because I had sick people in my family, I was sick too. However, I would very much like us all to be able to slowly return to this steady learning. The classrooms in the school are large, and this hybrid study can be organized into the sewer system and organized in our place – summing up Pancewicz.

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