Battlefield Mobile announced. Mentions DICE Battlefield 6

We have been waiting for Battlefield 6 for monthsInstead, DICE just revealed Battlefield Mobile. The production of smartphones and tablets is in no way tied to the great title and the developers affirm that players should expect a full experience.

We don’t know the final name for Battlefield Mobile at the moment, but the title is “standalone production” “Built from scratch.” DICE CEO Oscar Gabrielson confirmed that the project has been in the prototype stage for years, but only now is production going to market.

“Don’t be fooled – it’s a standalone game. This is a completely different game from the one we created for consoles and computers, and it’s designed specifically for mobile platforms. It’s designed from the ground up by iToys to make playing Battlefield wherever you want a reality. You can expect a game Complete to test your skills The mobile game is now entering a testing period, so you can expect more information. “

In Battlefield Mobile, we’re supposed to have a “skill-based” game, and the title will contain many well-known elements – the potential to destroy the environment or a large number of players.

Oscar Gabrielson also mentioned Battlefield 6 – The title was developed by three studios (DICE, DICE LA, and Criterion) and all the developers want to offer a “shared vision for the game”:

“2021 is an exciting time for us at DICE. Working with other global development studios within Electronic Arts, we have the largest team ever to work on Battlefield for console and PC. Our friends at Criterion and DICE LA work with us on a common vision of the game,” As the team in Gothenburg takes game technology to the next level, together we’re creating something amazing, and you’ll be able to see the impacts of our work in the final months of 2021.

Currently, we test every day: fine-tuning and balancing gameplay to deliver the best Battlefield possible. This is a bold move on our part. The game has everything we love for the Battlefield franchise – and takes it to a whole new level. Epic scale. Total war. Crazy and unexpected moments. Destruction alters gameplay. Amazing battles filled with more players and more destruction than ever before. All this thanks to the capabilities of computers and devices of the new generation.

Stay tuned – we will unveil the game “soon”.

Battlefield Mobile is set to hit the market in 2022, but both shooters will be revealed “soon”.

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