Belarus: The court closed a Polish school in Brest

The court considered the Brest Public Prosecutor’s request to liquidate the school in connection with – allegedly – “a serious breach of law, acting against the interests of the state.”

On March 10, the Brest Prosecutor’s Office initiated a criminal case against local Polish activist W. Director Anna Banisweig. The case concerns “rehabilitating Nazism” and “stirring national and religious strife.” She and the 43-year-old co-founder of the school were arrested.

The press office of the Brest County Prosecutor’s Office announced the commencement of proceedings in connection with – as reported – the event organized in a room rented by the Polish Local Initiatives Forum and the Polish School.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, an “illegal public event” was organized on February 28, with the participation of minors and youth. Minsk claims that Romuald Rams “Berri”, responsible for the raids on Belarusian villages in Podlasie in 1946 and the deaths of civilians, including women and children, was praised there.

The organizers and the Polish side categorically deny this. On that day, celebrations were held to mark the Day of the Cursed Soldiers.

In March, Belarus The Polish consul was expelled from Brest To participate in this ceremony. As a result of the exchange of diplomatic blows, three Polish diplomats were expelled from Belarus, and three Belarusians from Poland.

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