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May 3, 2021, 11:54 am

author: Radusawwasik

Lover of all kinds of games. Often they do not finish it, because they are constantly installing modifications.

Mount and Blade would never be a popular game if it weren’t for mods. Bannerlord works the same way and you can find some interesting mods on the web now. Here is an overview of them.

We have been waiting for a successor for nearly a decade Warbanda. Finally, on March 30th, 2020, it found its way into our hands Bannerlord In the form of early access. Most fans of the series Mount and blade She seems happy, although for sure (given the game’s current content) some of them didn’t have to pose the question to the creators: What have you been doing 10 years ago? In fact, some advertised elements are missing, and some are not fully functional. The authors promised to gradually release the missing features ?? Let’s hope they keep their promise.

But there is what ??????????????????????????????????????????? We are talking about the modifications that we introduce in this article. A few days after its launch on Steam, the game received a number of improvements, fixes, and some novelties. Moreover, some depositors got started even before it came out in Early Access? Create unit trees or models from new items. Can you see the effects of the quick start of projects with the naked eye ?? Bannerlord He has aspirations to catch up Warbanda Both in terms of the number and quality of modifications available. In front of you A list of the best mods for the game Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord ?? You will find the fashions here as well as the ones that look good.

Update 2021

It has been more than a year since the Early Access Program was launched Bannerlorda. During this time, depositors have been able to mix things up a lot. The mods they prepared are not only small fixes and improvements ?? Last Mount and blade It was modified with great thrust. Long night It takes us to reality Games of Thrones, a Soaring eagle It goes back to ancient times. Of course, fans of the original game will also find what ?? For myself ?? Like a reduced map, improved garrisons, or a new battle rendition directly from RTS.


  1. Long night ?? Game of Thrones total conversion ?? mod na Grê o tron
  2. Soaring eagle ?? Dawn of an empire ?? antyczna calradia
  3. Improvements and news
  4. Improvements and news part 2
  5. Tools and facilities
  6. The best mod is coming
  7. Kingdoms of Arda ?? Visit Lodz (LOTR mod)
  8. Bannerlord Cup Mode


The installation method of the modifications has not changed compared to the previous parts Mount and blade. The downloaded archive contents should be placed in a folder Units. where can I find him? Open the directory with Steam installed, then go to ?? steamapps common Mount & Blade II Bannerlord??. Now you just need to activate the mods in the game launcher and it is ready, the modified production can start. Of course, there will be some exceptions to this, but under each described mod we have put together a separate guide.

important information

First ?? By installing mods, the game may be corrupted. For your safety, make sure you have a backup of your records. Will you find them in ??C: Users [nazwa_u¿ytkownika] Documents Mount and Blade II Bannerlord Game Saves??.

Second ?? In the text we do not mention errors that correct the modifications in this production. It quickly becomes obsolete due to Creative people are constantly improving their businesses. For the same reason, installed mods may stop working after applying an update to the game ?? Then it remains to wait for the author of the mod to adapt it to the latest version.

Long night ?? Game of Thrones total conversion ?? mod na Grê o tron

winter is coming. It has already come, because Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord wait Total diversion takes players into incredibly popular reality Games of Thrones. modern Long night ?? Game of Thrones total conversion ?? White walkers (Couldn’t it be shorter?) Throws us in the middle of the struggle between the North and the Lannisters. If you are a fan of the universe then you will feel right at home the moment the game starts. The map has been completely rebuiltTherefore, you will see the headquarters of the most important factions, as well as the fence, and other distinctive sites.

Other changes occurred on the battlefield. Forget the classic z units Bannerlorda. Soldiers from the Northern Kingdom or Rocks would be sent on your orders, there were also terrifying creatures from behind the wall. Furthermore it, Until dragons and giants appeared. What’s new in combat are also spells ?? A properly used fire wall can give you an advantage. Briefly ?? Only the remaining foundations of the original game.

operating instructions

  1. Install first BannerLord Mod Launcher ?? This tool will be necessary to set the correct unit loading arrangement.
  2. Download the mod Long night ?? Game of Thrones total conversion ?? White walkers.
  3. Put the downloaded archive contents in the main directory of the game.
  4. Launch BannerLord Mod Launcher and arrange the modules in the following order.
  1. Custom start LN (optional)
  2. Sweetened
  3. Sandbox core
  4. Sandbox
  5. Custom
  6. Story mode
  7. LN content
  8. Long night ?? a map
  9. Long night

Destroy the Earth with 2D graphics

What relationship with mods do Bannerlorda Has he controlled asteroids and destroyed small planets to reach a size capable of destroying Earth? Well, the Ministry of Defense 2020 is just the beginning Reconvert the original into a 2D game according to the previously explained rules. Interestingly enough, this project was made by TaleWorlds Entertainment programmers, that is, the creators Mount and blade.

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