Big changes to WhatsApp. What happens to your account if you do not accept them?

At the start of the year, WhatsApp announced Controversial change in regulations. Although regulatory authorities in some countries around the world have already interfered with the issue of the new provisions, Facebook is strict. What can people who are dissatisfied with the new privacy policy rely on?

WhatsApp has a new privacy policy. What will happen to the account if the regulations are not accepted?

Facebook reassures it against some people’s fears – The WhatsApp account will not be deleted from the device. Or at least not immediately, because developers anticipate that users will gradually drop out of service.

If the regulations are not accepted, this must happen This sequence of events:

  1. WhatsApp will increase the frequency of displaying a message requesting acceptance of the new regulations;
  2. After a few weeks, the message informing about the change in the Privacy Policy will be displayed permanently, completely prohibiting access to your chats and contact list;
  3. Although the WhatsApp interface is blocked, the user will still be able to receive headphone and video calls and reply to messages from the notification panel.

WhatsApp’s full functionality will return once you accept the new terms and conditions.

Your WhatsApp account may be deleted and it may not be deleted after a few months

WhatsApp’s terms of use assume that Facebook may delete an entire account in case When the user has not used the service for a period of 120 days. Really, this means that a person will have to remove the app from the phone, log out of it, or block its access to the internet.

It should be noted, however, that the creators of WhatsApp are only claiming the right to delete the account, but that does not mean that they will use this option. Personally, I don’t think they are overzealous about this. WhatsApp knows, after all, that the change is controversial, so it wouldn’t be in its best interest to drastically delete the accounts of users who might return to the service someday.

WhatsApp and the New Privacy Policy: What’s Going On?

The new regulations assume that some data about users will go directly to Facebook. The company explains this by wanting to create a more accurate profile for them in terms of advertising campaigns and to provide better tools for users of company accounts.

WhatsApp announces that the conversations themselves will continue to be encrypted and private. However, the change sparked a lot of controversy, with many people choosing WhatsApp due to the relatively high concern for privacy.

New Privacy Policy What’s Up It is already in effect May 15.

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