Bonanza in a state-owned company. The father will supervise the son? O2

We wrote about Włodzimierz Hereźniak’s return to JSW at on Thursday. The former company president returned to her after three months of absence. Now he will take over as vice president. Looks like he’s going to work with … his son.

Hereźniak is to oversee trade affairs. According to our informant, and by some strange coincidence, his son Jacob will also work in this department. He has worked for JSW Group for six years. Interestingly, this is not in line with internal company policy.


He has been assigned to JSW SA since February 1, 2021 as Senior Specialist – JSW spokesperson Sławomir Starzyński answered our questions.

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Hardly anyone knows

Head specialist? It spreads around 5000-8000. Within reach – our informant says. He adds that there are more similar cases in JSW.


He argues that it is trade union error that shakes up the company’s activities. There are several of these at JSW. The situation is so absurd that the number of union members in some mines … exceeds the number of miners who work there!

Our interlocutor also argues that in JSW itself, after all, it employs tens of thousands of peopleNo one knew that the former president’s son, now the vice president of the giant coal company, was working there as well.


“Bonanza was there!”

But JSW hasn’t really experienced things like this. The president of Hereźniak, who left the company, was awarded severance pay. Like his previous deputy, Artur Ditschko.

There was some boom there! – Our informant is angry.


Let’s remember: Senior Hereniak who was abolished in February received a three-month end-of-service bonus (180,000 PLN) and a six-month non-competition paid clause. He gets paid for every month, except for JSW. Since he spent three months out of the company, he can count on 180,000 others. A company spokesperson guarantees that Hereźniak will pay his severance pay until he starts serving as vice president.


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