Box Office USA: Fantastic clash between “Death Combat” and “Demon Slayer”

What happens in American cinemas excites everyone in Hollywood. Thanks to the incredible popularity of the two R-Series titles (yes, unlike Japan in the US, “Demon Slayer” aimed at an adult audience), this weekend will be the best since the outbreak. Incredible, as both reached the foreshadowed effects for the entire weekend on Friday.

Taking into account the difference in the budget for the advertising campaign and the number of cinemas (“Death Combat” shown in 3073 and “Demon Slayer in the Movie: The Face Train” in 1605) the struggle for first place was surprisingly fierce. On Friday, it may even seem that Japanese animation will cause a surprise. Eventually, however, a large number of legislation acted in favor of screen adaptation of games. Death Combat won with $ 22.5 million.

This result was confirmed by Paul W.S. Similar to “Mortal Combat” which reached 26 years ago (.3 23.3 million) with Anderson. Simon McQuaid’s show would have beaten this number if more theaters had opened in Canada. However, because it was different, the film got on paid VOD service and, according to data provided by Deadline, received another $ 2 million.

“Mortal Combat” can boast of being the second best debut in American theaters this year. The “Godzilla vs. Kong” show was the only one that did well, which was not particularly successful last weekend. Although the film came in third, it grossed only 2.42 million. It’s a bit hard to reach the goal of being the first premiere of the epidemic, earning $ 100 million in American cinemas. After this weekend, “Godzilla vs. Konga” will have $ 86.6 million.

Meanwhile, “Demon Slayer The Movie: The Face Train” is now breaking the bank in the United States after a successful run in theaters in the Far East. The film grossed a whopping .5 19.5 million. This means that it averaged twice as much for the cinema as “Mortal Combat” ($ 12.2 thousand to $ 7.3 thousand).

To fully understand the extent of the success of “Demon Slayer”, for its distributors to date, the highest-grossing title is “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”, which grossed $ 30 million in 2019 in the United States. As you can see, “Demon Slayer” won 2/3 of that amount in three days (and since its premiere on Thursday evening).

In addition to these two powerful innovations, there is still a premiere in the top ten. This is the “Together Together” comedy that premiered at the Sundance Festival a few months ago. The painting initially earned 522 thousand. Dollars. Compared to the numbers 1 and 2, this is a modest result, but for Bleaker Street Media distributors it is definitely the biggest cinema success this year and last year. At the time, the combined revenue of “Assistants” alone exceeded $ 1 million (1.1 million), and the film was launched in January, two months before the formal outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States.

The top ten at the US box office are as follows:

# Title Earned over the weekend Overall earned Screen week China
1 Destruction fight $ 22.52 $ 22.52 1 3073
2 Demon Slayer Movie: Face Train $ 19.54 $ 19.54 1 1605
3 Godzilla vs. Cong $ 4.2 $ 86.58 4 2856
4 nobody is here 86 1,86 $ 21.67 5 2252
5 Raya and the last dragon 68 1,68 $ 39.84 8 1819
6 The Unholy 4 1,4 $ 11.55 4 1835
7 Tom I Jerry $ 0.65 $ 43.47 9 1930
8 Together $ 0.52 $ 0.52 1 665
9 The woman who believes in miracles $ 0.34 48 2,48 4 941
10 The game of spies $ 0.26 , 9 5,94 6 713

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