Brexit is over. The European Union accepted the agreement on trade and cooperation

The European Union Council on Thursday announced its acceptance of the decision to conclude agreements with the United Kingdom. The agreements between London and Brussels deal with trade and cooperation and information security.

Great Britain received information about the completion of internal procedures in the European Union. Both agreements have already been published in the official press and have been in force since May 1, 2021.

– Today we open a new chapter in our relations with Great Britain. The conclusion of a trade and cooperation agreement will provide legal confirmation of the new relationship between the EU and the UK in the interests of citizens and businesses on both sides of the channel. “We respect Great Britain as a good neighbor, a long-term friend and an important partner,” said Ana Paula Zacharias, EU Council Representative to the Portuguese President.


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Both agreements were previously voted on by the European Parliament. This means that both sides have already completed all the formalities in the process of leaving the EU by Great Britain.


Previously, the United Kingdom had already closed all internal procedures. Queen Elizabeth II signed the law on relations with the European Union on 31 December 2020. The so-called Agreements with Brussels were the final stage in the implementation of British law by state approval.

Britain will theoretically leave the EU in early 2020. In practice, the 11-month interim period began in February, which allowed both parties time to finalize details of a future trade agreement. The agreement was approved by the EU Council at the end of April.

The process of leaving the UK from the EU began in 2016, with 52 per cent in favor of leaving the EU in a referendum. Brits. Since then, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has changed twice and the date of the country’s exit from the EU has been postponed twice.


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