Bronisaw Sialk died. The actor known as Sławomir Borewicz from “07 Come” was 77 years old

Bronisaw Sialk died

The actor, who gained immense popularity as Sławomir Borewicz, was born in Krakow in 1943. Shortly after graduating from high school, he began his ethnographic studies at Jagiellonian University, from which he nevertheless did not graduate. In 1968, he began working as a journalist for the Polish Radio.

His first reportage article entitled “Tattooed youth” He sacrificed young men in a correctional facility. As he himself emphasized, The subject of crime has been present throughout his career – Appeared in the mabahith series, he also ran an intervention program devoted to the topic of murders and missing persons and propaganda to search for criminals pursued with a warrant.

In 1976, he took part in the test shoot for the series “Special characters”Which became his first appearance on the screen. Then the group hit “Report 07” which brought him immense popularity. Production was established in the years 1976-1987. Bronisław Cieślak played Lieutenant Sławomir Borewicz – a very unconventional and effective detective.

Bronisław Cieślak He was a deputy in the House of Representatives for the third and fourth terms on behalf of the SLD. He was also the press spokesperson for the Parliamentary Club SLD. In 2005 and 2007 he ran for re-election without success.

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Bronisław Cieślak – Private life and disease control

A broken nose, which served as a memento of a fight during his school days, became a trademark of Brunswave Cielak.

Then I studied ethnography and went to student training in a mountain town. In fact, we all got the Red Hat soldiers who used to come to the fitness camps there and the local girls loved them. The Highland Squad decided to give us a rough time mainly because we are from Krakow. Seven thugs caught me, and they kicked me hard. It is a miracle that I survived

– He admitted in an interview with “Suyat Serisi.”

The actor was married twice. Because of the relationship with Jasna Chrzanowska-Cieślak He had a daughter, Katarzyna. He had a daughter from his second wife, Anna Sophia And his son reap. The actress’s uncle was Anna Silac.

In 2018, doctors diagnosed him with prostate cancer. The actor underwent surgery, radio and chemotherapy. Two years later, Bronisław Cieślak officially ended his career, making it clear that he had promised his family a slower pace in life.

The actor’s last film role was in the production of “Na bank się will” directed by Simon Yakubovsky From 2019.

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