Brussels is already preparing to approve modified vaccines due to variations

According to reports, since the regulatory amendment is necessary

It is necessary to replace the active ingredients of already approved vaccines to ensure that vaccines are effective against viral mutants.

Based on the method used to modify human influenza vaccines, the revised regulation on corona virus variants lays down the rules to be applied to modifications of the active substance of approved vaccines.

Under the updated regulation, any modification of approved vaccines can be done through a simplified procedure,

The scope of the new rules extends to all types of corona virus. The relevant EU law is complied with by the rules that allow companies to focus on the timely collection of the required resources.

The report quoted European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen as saying:

The regulatory amendment aims to strengthen and expedite the EU’s response to various virus types.

“We will allow the EMA to reduce the formal approval process for modified vaccines that provide protection against new types.

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