Buda: The Polish New Deal may be introduced on May 15th

2021-04-30 14:56 Oct 2021-04-30 15:30

2021-04-30 14:56

2021-04-30 15:30

The Prime Minister’s Chancellery

The plan to present the New Deal on May 15 remains in effect, although the date may move due to the pandemic – said Deputy Minister of Finance and Regional Policy Valdemar Boda on Friday. He added that it is a larger project than the National Reconstruction Plan.

When asked on Friday whether the expected date for submitting the May 15th of the new deal is still valid, Boda replied that “the date is still valid,” adding, “It is real and preparations are underway.” At the same time, he made a reservation that “we know the dynamics of events related, for example, to a pandemic” and that we should not be linked to the date of the show.

Speaking of the differences between the New Deal and the National Reconstruction Plan, the Deputy Minister noted that “the Polish New Deal is a much broader document than the National Reconstruction Plan.” As confirmed by the New Deal, it concerns reforms of “practically the majority of the social life sector”, while the KPO is about obtaining and distributing funds from the European Union’s Reconstruction Fund. Therefore – Boda stressed – it has its “limits, and funds from the KPO may not be directed to all sectors.”

“The Reconstruction Fund is working to rebuild the economy and many sectors of social life after the epidemic, while the New Deal is a much larger political project, which includes a number of reforms. It is much broader, so there will be a lot of additional elements in the Polish New Deal.” – The Deputy Minister announced.

The presentation of the New Deal, the Law and Justice Party’s new socio-economic program, will be held at the earliest during the party’s program conference on May 15. The new deal was previously scheduled to be presented on March 20, according to a Law and Justice spokeswoman, and the offer was postponed due to the pandemic.

The areas covered by the program are listed in the following slogans: health plan, fair work – decent wages, decade of development, family and home in the center of life, Poland – our land, friendly school and culture for a new century, good corporate climate, clean energy – clean air, CyberPoland 2025 , Golden Autumn of Life.

As Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki announced, the New Deal provides additional funds for those hardest hit by the pandemic. The Prime Minister added that it is also planned to reform the tax system, find funds for the needs of Polish youth and support farmers.

Author: Jakob Borowski

Source:PAP Biznes

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