Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński-Norman Parke. Who won? Fame MMA 10

Let us remind you that during the “Face2Face” broadcast on Fame MMA, Parke couldn’t stand up and clashed hard with Życiński. Najm was afraid. He was afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you. Do you want me to look right in your eyes for confirmation? The British man turned around and poured a cup of water on Don Casjo. This was not owed him – come here, and *** with him, come on, I’ll blow your head. You can’t stand the pressure again – he shouted at his opponent.

The start of the competition in the Octagon was much quieter. Only halfway through the first round did Park lead a dangerous left hook. On the simple correct answer, Życiński answered excellently. At the start of Part Two of the duel, the left hook was once again taken out by a former UFC fighter. The Briton was very close to his competitor and tried to shorten the distance all the time.

Since the start of the third round, the “Don Cachejo” attacks have been more serious. Życiński attacked, inter alia, the right chin, which did not make a great impression on the opponent. In the fourth round, the two players exchanged a few strong punches. Immediately after the knockout to start the fifth round, Park received a penalty point for another header. This is the winged Cassius who showed a mighty attack. However, the opponent did not remain indebted and hit yciski with a straight right.

In the end, none of the players tipped the scale in their favor and the judges decided the fate of the competition. According to the judges, Park turned out better by winning by unanimous decision. After the quarrel, the union announced that it would file a protest to check the judges’ work. According to union leaders, as well as Don Cassio himself, Park was falsely declared the winner.

At the moment, we don’t know how this will end and who will ultimately win this duel. We’ll likely know the answer in the next few days.

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