Cesare Shack trembles on his daughter! Moving news from the “Ranches” star house!

Sesari-Shack rarely talks about his daughters. This time, however, he made an exception because he wanted everyone to know about Susanna. Even though he and his wife Katarzyna are shivering at her health, they are very proud of her …

Cesare and Katarzina Shack are a well-known and respected acting couple. Even though they have been in the show business for years, they try to keep their private lives just for themselves.

Likewise, little was known about their daughters. But now that has changed …

The actor wanted to show his fans that his sweetheart Susanna is a very talented and brave woman.

The 25-year-old has become a doctor and is currently active on the front lines of fighting the pandemic.

Her parents are extremely proud of her, although of course they might be shivering at her health every day.

“My daughter, my heroine. My doctor” – proud Cesari wrote below the photo showing Zuzana in a professional protective suit, intended for paramedics caring for COVID-19 patients.

According to the weekly “Al-Alam Wal-Nas” newspaper, Zuzana finished her medical studies with very good grades and is training after graduation.

“She chose the Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. She treated the profession as important, and wants it to be as useful as possible. Now there is a need for” Covid “doctors, so she volunteered to help patients with severe disease. She gave her parents a lot of recommendations” – we read.

But this did not prevent her father from getting infected. Fortunately, the actor recovered and only reported about his illness after some time, so as not to cause unnecessary confusion.

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