Civic Alliance, Civic platform. A letter to colleagues from several dozen MPs

Members of the Civic Coalition wrote in an open letter that the condition for taking advantage of the political opportunities available on the platform was multifaceted internal change. “Without visionary changes, we have no chance of retaining the position of opposition leader and winning elections in the future,” they said. Among those who signed the letter was neither P. Boris Putka, president, nor Cesari Tomsiko, president of the Go Club.

The content of the letter was published by the Polish Press Company. The presence of the letter was confirmed by one of its signatories, MP. Paves Jalewski confirmed. He wrote on Twitter: “The platform needs strong leadership, efficient organizational work and a good program for Poland. We need to renew the party so that it is 40% (as it used to be) attractive, but not 20% (as it is today) of voters. I want to join us. Delegates and Senators “.

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“We have reached the tipping point”

This letter is addressed to “Civic Base and Members of Parliament of the Civic Alliance”.

“We have reached an important place, as a state and as a nation, where we live in chaos, tension, the health of our loved ones and fear for their lives,” PO and KO politicians wrote. As they say, “The crisis caused by bad government policy during epidemics is unique, but not for a year, but for more than 5 years.

“As a community we are very divided,” they judged. “Today we have lost faith in each other at the poles and it will be very difficult for us to rebuild it. Piece marked political life as never before in the Third Republic by using lies, propaganda and the means of power to create private financial wealth,” the authors of the letter stressed.

In foreign policy, they wrote, “Pice has sidelined us.” “The United States does not see us as an ally. The European Union treats us as a state that aims to weaken society and create problems. This is especially painful in the current crisis in relations with Russia, which is playing an international game. Absolutely avoiding Poland,” we read in the letter.

“We were able to get new circles for cooperation. We have to do it again.”

Its signatories say it is “high time for the state to restore security, rebuild a disaster-stricken community and restore seriousness to Polish political life.” “To do this, we must first restore the political position that the Civic platform has recently had. Many of us are wondering if we have the right answer to the crisis caused by the epidemic and the Bais regime,” the MPs wrote.

As they say, “Despite our (PO and KO-teachers) actions, the PiS remains the leader of popular support, despite exposing the dictatorial and corrupt essence of the current governments and their inability to fight the epidemic.” “Eight months ago our presidential candidate gained the trust of more than 10 million poles,” he recalled the authors of the letter.

“In situations like this, we held an internal discussion to collectively diagnose, formulate a strategy and adopt relevant actions for the future. We cannot allow ourselves to be helpless,” the MP wrote.

They recalled that the party was able to regain its position as leader of the opposition “after the failed elections in 2015 and the crisis of confidence on stage.” “We used this to build cooperation between the Democrats. The result was a joint list in the elections to the European Parliament and the winning Senate agreement. We were able to get new circles for cooperation and expand our electoral program by forming a Civic coalition.” Insisted.

“What matters is the credibility of the people, the plan and the policy itself.”

What is important – in their opinion – is the “credibility, planning and policy of the people.” “Voter confidence is gained through hard, balanced hard work,” the authors of the letter said.

In their opinion, “it is necessary to go beyond the voters of big cities”. “From the outset, the Civic platform aims to represent the dreams of the Poles, regardless of where they live. The nature of modernity, the right of people to ask questions about our values ​​and its challenges to the way of life” – noted members of parliament.

“We have to go our own way. It is in line with European values ​​in terms of the rule of law, liberal democracy and civil rights and non-discrimination against minorities. However, it is not subject to extremes. It is the extreme right and left who care about the worldview today,” the authors wrote.

In their view, “the Senate still has a better chance”, and therefore – as they stressed – “should increase its role by legislative initiatives that put forward the vision of a modern and democratic Poland, to protect the authorities against the interests of the poles”. .

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“Multiple internal change”

The letter states that PO and KO are “advocates of equal opportunities and create opportunities for those who want to enhance the well-being of their families through their own work.” “We want to create a decision-making mechanism that is important for the development of the country in close consultation with community partners: local governments, entrepreneurs’ representatives, trade unions and NGOs. We must support in practice local governments that create space for local development. Today they are more exposed to the centralization of government action” – MPs stressed .

They also argue for “supporting employment in a time of epidemics” and the use of means by Europe in general to implement its aspirations and national interests for Poland. “We have a large representation in the EU, surrounded by talented politicians and experts who know it. We must make good use of them in our operations. Poland must regain the voice of a large and democratic European state,” the authors wrote.

According to them, “the condition for taking advantage of the political opportunities available to the site is a multifaceted internal change”. “The strength of the Civic platform has always been social. The founders of the Civic platform understood that the diversity of experiences based on freedom of worldview and mutual respect and trust is a force that allows them to create a modern civic Poland. .

In their opinion, “such divisions are catastrophic, which directly translates into further decline in elections”. “We are all responsible for Poland and the stage. We need commitment and collective action. Instead of distancing ourselves from the past, we draw on its experiences – both good and bad,” he appealed to the authors of the letter.

“Without far-sighted changes, we have no chance of retaining the position of Leader of the Opposition and winning elections in the future.”

Furthermore, they point out that “the mechanisms of power on the Civic platform were designed to suit different realities”. “Today we must create a new kind of responsibility. Based on the broader contribution, in line with the spirit of modernity and time. Without far-reaching changes, we have no chance of retaining the position of Leader of the Opposition, to win elections in the future” – stressed the signatures of the letter.

In their view, “the upgraded platform means capable leadership, quick decision-making, the ability to respond to current crises and at the same time develop a long-term political plan that will lead to the electoral victory of the entire opposition.” “We are always open to various contexts to build Poland’s future, open, European and modern. We hope that the stage will return to the role of a force that integrates the site, the people and the environment around it,” they wrote.

“Emergency action is badly needed, regardless of unfavorable circumstances,” they pointed out. The authors of the letter believe that “without a serious discussion, we will not gain any impetus in the political arena.”

Who signed the letter?

Dozens of MPs signed the letter: Former PO

Members: Ursula Augustine, Piotr Boris, Jonas Ficios, Sofia Chernoz, Arma Ciroski , Małgorzata Pępek, Ireneusz Rasa, Darius Rosati, Krystyna Sibińska, Iwona ledzi-Katarasińska, Boguslaw Szumilas, Andrzej Szewiński, Robert Tyszkie and

Senators: Alicja Chybicka, Stanisław Gawłowski, akniska Gorgon-Komor, Danuta Jazłowiecka, akniska Kołacz-Leszczyńska Magdalena Kochan, Beata Małecka- Libera, ‘Ewa Matecka, Kazimierz Plocke, Marek Plura, Alexander Pociej, Sławomir Rybicki, Ryszard Świlski, Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski, and Jigmund Frankievich.

Key Photo Source: Lessek s Szymański / PAP

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