Clara Lewandowska celebrates her fourth birthday: lots of gifts, balloon decorations, unicorns … (photos)

Anna and Robert Lewandowski They are without a doubt one of the busiest Polish “power husbands” and are constantly involved in new career ventures. Despite busy schedules, the couple recently managed to find time for a May trek for the first time in years.

Immediately after the long weekend, the couple hurriedly set out to prepare for the family celebration. May 4, the eldest daughter of the Lewandowski family, Clara is 4 years old. It is no secret that Anna Lewandowska He is very keen to report his daily life online, including his children’s activities. The trainer has not missed a report on Instagram about preparing the decorations For her first baby’s birthday party.

On Monday, Lewandowska proudly presented to the world, What Christmas surprises await Klarcia right after waking up. And so on the table in the living room of the couple there was a wonderful game house, furnished with a large set of accessories, in which a 4-year-old would soon be able to put plush mice. Lewandowscy also decorated the room Unicorn balloons And a large number 4 “.

It seems that Clara Lewandowska is a true lover of mythical creatures. The unicorn theme also appeared on the girl’s birthday cake. However, this is not the end of the attractions. Anya also showed the fans Robert Lewandowski With a focus twisting large rhinoceros with a pink mane, This is where Klarcia will be able to ride around her home.


On Tuesday, Anna Lewandowska made a decision I give my daughter a birthday wish Via Instagram. And a special entry appeared in the coach’s profile, for which she also provided photos of the family celebration.

Clarsia! 4. Always have the courage to fulfill your dreams. So you always know that you can accomplish whatever you plan. I will always be on your wings. We are very proud of you! Anya Books.

Watch how Anna and Robert Lewandowski celebrated Clara’s fourth birthday.


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