Climate change. The United States and China announce cooperation

“China and the United States acknowledge the need for more serious action in the fight against climate change, and announce cooperation in this field,” the two countries’ joint diplomatic news release said Sunday. It was released after US Special Envoy John Kerry held talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinhua. The talks took place in Shanghai.

According to a US State Department report, the two sides agreed to discuss specific measures aimed at reducing emissions of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, including environmental methods for energy conservation. It is scheduled to take place before it is scheduled for November this year. Climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

“The United States and China will engage in bilateral cooperation and cooperation with other countries to tackle the climate crisis, which should take the urgency of the need seriously,” the release said.

Cooperation has been announced to implement the terms of the 2015 Climate Agreement in Paris. One of its signatories was John Kerry, then Secretary of State in the administration of then-Democratic President Barack Obama.

Former Republican President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal. However, his successor, Joe Biden, overturned the decision and announced that the United States would return to the deal.

Kerry is the first representative of the Biden administration to visit China. The visit – as it is stressed – has raised hopes that despite the tensions on other issues, both sides can co-operate in the fight for climate change.

The United States and China, the world’s two largest economies, emit almost half of global warming dust and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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