Conference of Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki with the participation of Deputy Minister Marzina Maciek – Ministry of Education and Science

Fighting COVID-19

During Monday’s conference, Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki said the pandemic has created tasks for us that we have not dealt with in our recent history. One of them was to prepare additional beds in a short time that would meet all possible criteria for treating COVID-19 patients.

– Here in Boleslawiec, thanks to Deputy Minister Marzini Mchazek, we were able to organize such a center in a short time. The Prime Minister said that the funds allocated from the central budget allowed the staff to prepare an additional 65 beds, which served patients from all parts of Lower Silesia.

The Prime Minister thanked the medical staff for the sacrifice and saving the lives and health of Poles.

We will continue to work together to help in this difficult situation. I hope we get closer to eradicating the # COVID19 epidemic – added the Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Teacher vaccinations

Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki also mentioned vaccinations for teachers. He thanked the Deputy Minister of Education and Science for the effective implementation of the vaccination process among teachers. The Prime Minister also expressed hope that it would be possible to return to full-time education this academic year.

Deputy Minister Mirzina Mashagik, in turn, spoke of the great interest in vaccinations. It confirmed that more than 90 percent of them had already been vaccinated. teachers.

Adapt vocational education to the needs of individual industries

The topic of vocational and technical education was also discussed during the conference. Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized that it was necessary to adjust student and youth education to the needs of individual industries and sectors of our economy.

In turn, Deputy Minister Marzina Mashczyk spoke about the traditions of vocational training in Boleslawiec.

It is worth emphasizing that Bolesławiec has great advantages in building professional and industrial education. Here, most of the students in Poland after school, formerly after middle school, and now after elementary school, they go to industrial and technical schools, because there is simply a very good industrial education. I am glad that we are able to support this education and even introduce the profession of decorative ceramics in the form of an experiment – said the Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Pictures of the Prime Minister’s Office

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