Confirm the return of “friends”! Chandler will have a bug. I had to quickly remove the photo from behind the scenes. We have them

finale episode “friendsIt aired in 2004. Since then, rumors have been heard every few years about the six main cast returning to the set. Fan requests have finally been heard. The US broadcasting platform, HBO Max, has confirmed the completion of filming for a special episode of “Friends”. Matthew PerryIt appears the Chandler series is also looking to stream. for him setback The production wasn’t as intended, but fans loved it very much.

Confirm the return of “friends”! The series Chandler had a slip. He had to quickly remove the photo from behind the scenes. We have them

Who else could commit like this gave? Chandler Bing was involved in very awkward and awkward situations every now and then, and now the actor who played that role was in a similar situation. Matthew Perry posted a picture of his Instagram sitting on it Live Act Make-up With lips parted slightly. The actor made a small joke, but it was the second part of the entry that attracted the most attention.

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A few seconds before taking your makeup brush. Not to mention meeting my friends again.

Matthew PerryMatthew Perry Instagram / mattyperry4

Just minutes after the photo was posted, Matthew deleted his entry. However, fans were able to capture screenshots that are already circulating on social media. It was definitely the HBO Max production that made the actor quickly remove the picture.

On Sunday, a picture appeared on the official Instagram account of the series “Friends”, in which she confirmed filming a special episode.

Could we be more excited! “Friends: The Reunion” is coming soon on HBO Max.

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Are you also looking forward to the premiere?

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