Corona Virus. When to return to work after illness

Coronavirus attacks the entire society, regardless of age, gender or place of residence. The new virus that has triggered the global pandemic has also affected the labor market. We check the time after which the convalescence returns to their duties.

Corona Virus It led to major changes in the paradigm in many companies, sectors, and industries Work. Several companies have opted for a hybrid system, and have opted for some of them altogether Distance working.

he got it Limiting the spread of a dangerous virus And isolate the community. But what about people who have had a previously unknown disease and want to return to work?

Corona Virus. Return to work after illness

Researchers from the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) conducted a study showing this sNearly 10 percent of survivors who contract Covid-19 are unable to work for another three months due to complications the disease causes.

The study was conducted on the basis of statistics collected by the Spanish Social Insurance Institution. Analysts focused primarily on Time on sick leave And symptoms that prevent convalescence from returning to work.

Covid-19. When will you return to the company after the Corona virus?

The researchers took a closer look Million peopleWho have gone through the disease. It turns out almost 100 convalescence He needs at least a quarter to be able to return to professional duties.

Turn up 85 proc. Included in the recovery study She did not require a medical certificate More than 3 weeks after being infected with the coronavirus.

Researchers from Murcia indicated on the specialized portal “Prevencionar” that among people who are unable to work for more than 3 months after contracting Covid-19, there are patients who are being treated in intensive care units and those who do not need to be hospitalized. Patients have complained about Shortness of breath, cough and general fatigue.

The average duration of symptoms for Covid-19 is 185 days.

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